Five Year Old Stuff


As it turns out, having a five year old around is pretty fun.  She is always saying the funniest, cutest things, and I’m really enjoying these days with her.  She is learning so much about the world and doesn’t ever stop asking questions.  Here are some cute moments from this last week…

I was getting ready to take Miles to his doctor appointment and I hear overhear Darcy telling him, “Now Miles, if they have to give you a shot don’t be afraid!  I will be right there and I will count to 10.  When I am done counting, the shot will be over and you will be okay!”

Darcy was pretending to be a neighbor who came over for a tea party and she told me this: “I got married a very long time ago.  But my wedding dress got eaten by those moth bugs!!  I knew I should get it boxed up after the wedding, but I kept having all these babies and they kept crying and crying and I just never had the time.”

After preschool lessons ones day – Me:”Darcy, your letters look amazing!!”  Darcy: “Aw, shucks! Is my face turning pink?”

As we were packing up to leave our hotel last Sunday, Darcy kept asking me how to spell “machine”.  Absentmindedly I spelled it out for her from the next room.  When I walked past the desk on my way to check out I saw in huge capital letters on the hotel information booklet “JUNE TOLLEFSON TOOT MACHINE”

In a conversation about how hard it is to live far away from friends, Darcy’s suggestion was this: “What if we put Idaho right there and Kentucky right next to it and California in the middle!  Then we could live in California and be warm and be close to all our friends.”

During my cousin’s wedding last Saturday, Darcy saw all the groomsmen file out and line up at the front of the church.  When my cousin started walking down the aisle, Darcy leaned over to me and whispered “I wonder which man she will choose!”

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