Gratitude from this week…


For coffee, hot, all day, helping me obey cheerfully.

June in an oversized hoodie, licking the bottom of the salad bowl, face breaking into a grin when she catches my eye across the room.

For vaccinations.  Can we set all the opinions aside? Because we really should start with thanking the Lord for them.

Burning pink skies as the sun goes down, car full of pajama-ed, freshly bathed children, ice cream cones and blankets all around.

Deep red cardinal on a backdrop of snow, eating his fill of the seeds we placed out for him, while we watch from inside, still and barely breathing.

My favorite six words from my love: I don’t have to work tonight.

For the resurrection of the body, because no decay means no dentists!

For my boy, strong and tall, trying with all his might to roll over, getting stuck on his arm.

Thank you, Lord, for another week of Your Grace and Kindness.

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