Dear Darcy,


Dear Darcy,

Five years ago today we went rushing to the hospital in the middle of the night.  We didn’t know if your heart was still beating or not, but things did not look good.  The drive was only 20 minutes, but it felt like an eternity as I gave you over to our Father and asked Him to let you live.  Just past midnight, we had an emergency c-section that saved your life.  The Lord answered my prayer that night, and every day for five years.

I love planning your birthday party every year.  I always have to set aside some extra time for planning and making favor bags and shopping and baking.  I have to stretch our budget a little bit in the weeks before.  We don’t do this just because you want it.  We don’t celebrate because we think that it is just your special day, although we do want you to have a blast!  We celebrate because it is OUR special day.  This day commemorates another year that our lives have been sweetened with your presence.  God has given us five years with you, and we rejoice in each of those.  We want cake and favors and balloons and piñatas and presents because this is a holiday for our whole family, to thank God that He has chosen to place you with us.

I have seen so much growth in you this last year.  You have grown out of naps and sippy cups and many pairs of shoes.  But you have also grown to love Jesus so much this year.  I have started to see more and more fruit of your faith.  When your sister broke your favorite Christmas present, just a few weeks after Christmas, you did not hesitate to hug her and say “June I love you more than all my stuff.”  And I choked back tears of pride.  When you came to me late one night, in tears because you “felt so terrible for all the bad things you had done, and all the fits, and you just wanted to obey God.”  Again, I choked back tears of pride and talked to you about God’s forgiveness and His grace and I told you I couldn’t remember any of the bad things you had done because I forgave you.   Love keeps no record of wrongs.  When you told me that you hated Satan and you hated it when he tried to control your heart, I again saw the Spirit at work within you.  I thank our Father every day for this work, for His promises, for His faithfulness in you.

You are such an incredible big sister.  One of my greatest joys in this life has been to watch you love your sister and brother.  June never stops copying everything you do, and you are a good example to her.  You can get Miles to laugh faster than anyone in this house.  And you are always the first one to come running when you hear a cry.  My favorite memory from this year was the look on your face when we told you that a new baby was on the way.  You kept saying “I can’t believe it!!  I love it!!” You couldn’t stop smiling and you told everyone you saw, friend or stranger.

One of my favorite things about you is that you love art.  You always tell me that you want to be a mommy and a painter when you grow up.  I love watching your little brain work as you flip through a book and then pull out paper and try to copy the pictures.  You have a very sharp memory.  I love how you always want to paint or draw for people you love, and it is hard for anyone to leave our house without at least one of your masterpieces folded up in their pocket.

Happy 5th Birthday, my beautiful girl! Don’t ever stop filling the world with your beautiful drawings.  We are so blessed to have had you with us these five years.

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